CPT Coding Guide for Psychiatry

Friday, September 22

A simple list of CPT billing codes for Psychiatry Providers

Use this simple cheat sheet if you’re new to submitting claims in the portal.

Below is a list of CPT billing codes that are currently available to MD level Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner providers to bill through Sondermind. 

Within the SonderMind portal, at Step Three of the claim submission process, the selection of CPT codes are automatically tailored depending on the insurance/EAP/other billing method selected in the previous step.

We have listed the codes/descriptions here as a convenient reference sheet when getting accustomed to submitting claims within the portal.

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

  • 90792   Psychiatric Diagnostic Eval 
  • 99204   Level 4 New Patient Office Visit (Typical time 45 minutes)
  • 99205   Level 5 New Patient Office Visit (Typical time 60 minutes)

Follow-up Psychiatry appointments

  • 99212    Level 2 Outpatient Appointment
  • 99213    Level 3 Outpatient Appointment
  • 99214    Level 4 Outpatient Appointment
  • 99215    Level 5 Outpatient Appointment
  • +90833  16+ minutes of additional Psychotherapy provided
  • +90836  38+ minutes of additional Psychotherapy provided
  • +90838  53+ minutes of additional Psychotherapy provided

Interactive Complexity Code (add-on code)

  • 90785 – Interactive Complexity during Psychotherapy or Psychiatric Evaluation (90792).  When communication difficulties interfere with therapy.

For guidelines and details on coding the above, please refer to the following:

APA Coding and Documentation FAQ

CMS Evaluation and Management Services Guide

CMS Billing and Coding Guidelines

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