Therapy that works. 

Made really easy.

With or without insurance.

And psychiatry. Or both.

Online or in-person.

Be seen in 1-5 days.

Virtual and local mental health care tailored to your needs, with the right therapist or psychiatric provider for you.

How it Works

Real progress begins with the right provider. Here's how it works:

Answer a few questions

Fill out a brief questionnaire or give us a call, so we can find the perfect provider for you. For couples, you'll use one account.

Connect with your provider

Your SonderMind account is where you'll schedule and attend video sessions, record and view progress, use insurance, and more.

Reach your goals

Your SonderMind therapist or psychiatric provider will guide you toward meaningful progress every step of the way.

Use Your Insurance

In-network with most major insurance plans including HSA, FSA, EAP, and Medicare. We also offer competitive rates for those who aren't using insurance. 

Check by State

*Coverage is subject to a beneficiary's specific health plan.

Getting help is hard.
We’ve got you.

SonderMind makes it easy to find the ideal therapist or psychiatric provider for your mental health care. Fast, and on your terms. So you can focus on what matters most—you.

The right therapist or psychiatric provider.

A long-term partner to guide your journey every step of the way. Connect with the therapist or psychiatric provider who fits your needs, on your schedule, in your network.

The right care.

Set your goals and track your progress with your therapist. With a partner and a program you can trust, you'll experience the right care when you need it.

All right now.

Work with a therapist or psychiatrist who fits your schedule, in-person or online, to help improve your every day.

Life-Changing Results

The mental health care journey is different for everyone. But through results-based care and individualized treatment plans, most people see results in less than 5 sessions.

Individual Care for All Your Needs

SonderMind is comprehensive mental health care, personalized for you. Available for all ages and most mental health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What insurance does SonderMind accept?

SonderMind partners with nearly 90% of the major, commercial insurance carriers in each area we offer care. Our clinicians are also in-network with various EAPs, Medicare FFS, and Medicare Advantage plans. Plus, we have self-pay rates for those without insurance. See all of our insurance partners by location.

What type of mental health care services does SonderMind provide?

SonderMind offers therapy and psychiatry services in various states across the country. We work with providers who offer individual support as well as family, couples and group sessions. 

In what states does SonderMind provide care?

SonderMind therapy is available in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. SonderMind psychiatry is currently available only in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. 

SonderMind is coming soon to Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. 

Is mental health care with SonderMind effective?

SonderMind’s approach to measurement-based care is clinically proven to help people see change, faster. Our data shows that clients see results in less than 6 sessions — that's less than 2 months — with SonderMind.

Harris Strokoff, MD
Interim Chief Medical Officer