Mental health made easy. For you, and the people who depend on you.

Our integrated solution offers the self-serve tools and professional, in-network care your employees, practice, and patients need, when they need it.

Easy and accessible

On our way to building a comprehensive mental health home, in 2022 SonderMind acquired Total Brain. The combination of both companies ensures full-service mental health care, from therapy and medication management to meditation and mindfulness, all backed by cutting-edge tools and personalized support in an effort to bring more self-service mental wellness to people, while also offering access to therapeutic care.  

As we bring Total Brain’s capabilities into SonderMind to make one comprehensive experience, we are offering employers, health systems and solutions.

The right mental health support  
can be life-changing

From wellness tools to in-network care, SonderMind Enterprise Solutions offers personalized mental health solutions with a commitment to quality and clinical outcomes, so that your people and their dependents are supported anytime, anywhere.

Invest in the health and wellness 
of your people

Personalized self-care

Our clinically-proven tools and techniques for cognitive and mental wellness, are meant for daily, in-the-moment support for a range of mental health needs. 

Meaningful insights

Individuals can track progress and trends over time, while clinicians and organizations can glean helpful insights to make adjustments and better support their needs.

In-network health care

Integrated options for in-network therapy and psychiatry with SonderMind clinicians mean everyone can get the extra help they need, when they need it.

I find the training modules fun and easy to use. I will definitely be recommending Total Brain to my co-workers.


Some of our valued clients