Where to Go for Affordable Couples Therapy Online in 2024

Tuesday, June 18

Thinking of going through therapy to address issues in your relationship? In recent years, online therapy options have made this support more accessible for couples, and clinical studies show that online couples therapy is effective at helping partners grow closer and work through issues. 

But cost may be a concern for you — and that’s understandable. Having an affordable online option for couples therapy can help ensure that you and your partner get the support and help you need. 

With multiple places offering online couples therapy, narrowing down your options can be tough. But we’ve put together a helpful guide. In the following sections, we’ll explore how to choose an online couples therapist and compare some of the top places that offer this service. 

Eager to start working on making your relationship stronger and reconnecting with your partner? SonderMind offers affordable and convenient couples therapy sessions. 

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What to look for in online therapy for couples 

You and your partner have agreed to go through therapy to deepen your relationship. But how should you go about finding an online therapy service? Choosing the right one for your situation is important in order for the therapeutic process to be effective. 

Below, we’ll go over a few things to keep in mind as you search for an online couples therapy service. 

An experienced and licensed therapist

Not all therapists specialize in working with couples. Going to one who doesn’t have this training or experience may not end up being as helpful or effective as you hoped. 

While looking for online services, focus on finding ones that employ experienced therapists who specialize in couples therapy. Make sure the therapists who work for these services are fully licensed. 

How can you tell if this is the case? Check therapists’ credentials to see if they have their license and specialize in couples therapy. You can also check reviews from other couples to get an idea of how helpful therapists were or what it was like working with them during sessions. 

Flexible scheduling options 

One of the perks of online therapy is that it can make it easier to schedule sessions. This advantage makes therapy more accessible for you and your partner. Do you and your partner have busy schedules? Or maybe you work different shifts? Online couples therapy can give you more scheduling options. 

Look for a service that offers the flexibility you need, whether it’s sessions that accommodate different work schedules — or even different time zones. Some online therapy services offer weekend or evening sessions, for example. 

Privacy and security measures 

Doing therapy online comes with certain concerns about privacy and security. It’s not the same as meeting in an office. You and your partner will be discussing personal details online with your therapist via video. 

When you look for online therapy services, check the security measures they offer. These should include using encryption and secure internet connections to protect your privacy from hackers and other security threats. Online therapy services should also comply with privacy laws, such as HIPAA.

Having a private and secure online environment is important in order for you and your partner to feel safe sharing personal information and talking about your experiences and feelings. Feeling unsafe may discourage you from opening up — limiting therapy’s effectiveness. 

Factors to consider when choosing an online couples counseling service 

Once you’ve found some options for online couples counseling, your next move is choosing a service. How can you make the best decision to get the help you need for a stronger relationship? 

A few important factors can influence the decision-making process. Weighing your options with these factors in mind can help you choose the right online therapy service for your needs. 

In the sections below, we’ll explore these factors and provide guidance on using them to select an online couples therapy service. 

Cost and insurance coverage 

How much can you expect to pay for online couples therapy? Costs can vary based on a number of factors, such as whether or not you have insurance. Couples therapy tends to cost a bit more than individual therapy, since therapists are working with more than one client during sessions. 

In-person therapy for couples can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 or more per session. However, sometimes online couples therapy may cost less. There isn’t as much overhead, since clients and therapists meet online rather than in an office. 

Is cost a big concern for you? Look into a service that accepts your healthcare insurance. Your coverage may help lower the cost of therapy sessions. Be sure to check how much is covered and how many sessions are included in your coverage. 

What if you don’t have insurance or the service you want to use doesn’t accept it? Some online therapy services offer sliding scale fees. These are fees you pay for therapy sessions based on your income. Using a sliding scale can help make online couples therapy more affordable, especially if you don’t have insurance or have limited income.   

Methods of communication 

Online therapy typically happens via video chat. But that’s not the only communication method available. Compare different platforms to see what they offer. 

You might find platforms that offer therapy via audio, such as phone calls. Some might offer text messaging as an option. You can even find platforms that offer a combination of communication methods. 

Which method are you and your partner most comfortable with? That’s the important part, so that both of you feel at ease communicating during therapy sessions. That helps ensure that you get the most out of your therapeutic experience. 

Go over these options with your partner. Then, choose an online therapy service that offers the communication method that works best for you as a couple. 

Therapeutic approaches 

Couples counseling doesn’t have just one approach. In fact, there are multiple types of therapy approaches that are used to help couples. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you and your partner identify thinking patterns that may be having a maladaptive effect on your relationship. You then work on changing these to more adaptive thinking patterns. 

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) helps couples reconnect and improve their bond. This approach involves learning about certain patterns that can lead to disconnection between partners and working on changing them. 

Other approaches include the Gottman method and psychodynamic couples therapy. The Gottman method focuses on areas of conflict in relationships and helping couples learn helpful strategies for handling these situations. Psychodynamic couples therapy examines you and your partner’s underlying fears, motivations, and hopes about your relationship. 

All of these forms of couples therapy are effective in couples counseling. Studies show that EFT is highly effective when used to help couples. 

Are you and your partner struggling with a particular issue, such as infidelity, intimacy issues, or parenting conflicts? Finding an online therapist with specialties in those specific issues can be helpful. 

The top choices for online couples therapy 

It’s not hard to find online therapy platforms these days. However, not all of them are suitable for your needs for couples counseling, and not all platforms are reputable. 

To make your search a bit easier, we offer the following curated list of reputable online platforms. All of these specialize in couples counseling and have their own strengths and weaknesses to take into consideration.


SonderMind offers affordability, accessibility, and a variety of experienced therapists for couples to connect with. Our platform partners with the majority of healthcare insurance providers and has in-network clinicians with some Medicare plans. Self-pay is also an option for those without coverage. 

SonderMind provides a simple, quick way to find a licensed therapist who specializes in couples therapy. Couples answer a few questions on an online form and are then connected with a therapist who fits their needs. Therapists then help them come up with and meet therapy goals to improve their relationship via video call sessions.


Talkspace provides short couples therapy sessions that are usually 30 minutes long. Since these sessions are brief, this platform may not be suitable for couples who need to work through complex or in-depth relationship issues. It can be helpful for couples with hectic schedules who don’t have a lot of time to commit to therapy sessions or those who just need short-term help.  

In addition to sessions, couples can message their therapist at any time. The sessions take place in a chatroom with video or live messaging with SSR encryption, providing a safe and convenient way for partners and their therapist to communicate. Those who use the platform can also arrange individual therapy sessions if needed.

Talkspace does take some insurance plans. For those without insurance, therapy costs may not be affordable. Talkspace prices are a bit higher than other online platforms. 


ReGain offers online therapy that focuses on relationships. Couples can set up therapy sessions that they attend together. Or one or both partners can go through individual therapy sessions aimed at helping them improve their relationship. Those who start with individual sessions can invite their partner at a later point. 

Clients can use different devices for sessions, such as their tablet, smartphone, or laptop. And ReGain connects clients with therapists who meet their needs. 

On the downside, this platform tends to have shorter sessions. This can make it hard to work on more complicated issues. Clients also have to sign up with the platform before accessing information on costs and therapist options. ReGain also doesn’t take any insurance plans, which may make it unaffordable for some clients. 


Ritual offers flexible, low-cost options for online couples therapy. The platform provides clients with personalized plans that may include journaling, ritual uses exercises, and other components. Weekly live sessions with a therapist are also available. 

Ritual focuses on relationships, but allows clients to do couples therapy sessions or individual sessions. Therapists use EFT and the Gottman method as therapeutic approaches. All sessions take place via video on an encrypted platform for security. No chat-based service or messaging options are available. 

Ritual doesn’t accept any insurance or HSA and FSA. The network of therapists on the platform is small overall, giving clients fewer options to choose from. 

Why SonderMind is the right choice for affordable couples therapy online 

Out of the platforms that offer online couples therapy or online marriage counseling, SonderMind rises above the competition for many reasons: Our personalization, accessibility, flexible payment options, and evidence-based approaches are all aimed toward helping couples get the support they need when they need it.

When using SonderMind, you and your partner connect with a therapist based on your specific needs and compatibility. This can help ensure that you meet your goals and build a good therapeutic relationship with your therapist. 

This personalized method of connecting people and therapists helps improve the therapeutic experience overall — resulting in better outcomes for couples. You and your partner can work through issues with the guidance of an experienced and licensed mental health professional, such as a licensed marriage therapist. 

SonderMind’s prices are designed to ensure affordability and accessibility. We partner with close to 90% of major health insurance carriers where our services are available. This helps many of our clients access the care they need while staying within their budget. 

SonderMind clinicians are in-network with some Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare FFS, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). For those with a valid referral for couples counseling from the Veterans Administration (VA), there’s no charge for services.  

SonderMind’s self-pay options provide a cost-effective option for clients who don’t have insurance coverage. These rates vary based on location, provider credentials, and length and type of sessions. 

What else sets SonderMind apart? Our therapists use evidence-based approaches with high success rates. Overall, some clients see results in just five sessions. All providers are currently accepting new clients, and it may be possible to set up an initial appointment within a week.

Get matched with a professional today at SonderMind 

Eager to start working on making your relationship stronger and reconnecting with your partner? SonderMind offers affordable, convenient, and secure online couples therapy sessions. 

Connect with a licensed couples therapist at SonderMind to help you and your partner achieve your relationship goals. 


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