Added marketing support for growing your SonderMind Practice

Monday, March 11

As an independent clinician, you have options when delivering mental health care. When you practice with SonderMind, we make it our responsibility to provide you with a robust suite of benefits, tools, and comprehensive support for you and your clients. In fact, marketing your practice is one of the benefits of working with us, because we can do it entirely for you. You control how many clients you see, and what referrals you accept. 

For those looking to expand their client list and grow a caseload, we now offer promoting your practice across major public-facing directories to reach more clients in need. Starting with Psychology Today, WebMD, and Zocdoc we’ll cover the cost of your subscription and take on all of the account management. 

What are the new, added marketing benefits?

  • We’re offering a new, complimentary benefit for growing your practice, in addition to the marketing benefits already part of practicing with SonderMind. 
  • We can now promote your practice across major public-facing directories to reach more clients in need. These directories, like Psychology Today, WebMD, Zocdoc, and others, are some of the most frequently used websites by individuals seeking mental health care across the U.S. To participate, you can opt-in using this form.
  • We’ll cover the cost of your subscriptions, a more than $350 yearly value, and take on all of the management–funneling new clients and vetting all potential leads through our intake team, and directly into your SonderMind portal.  

Psychology Today

  • Starting with Psychology Today, SonderMind will create and manage a profile for you, accepting all incoming calls and leads on your behalf, sending you any new potential clients directly through your SonderMind portal. There is no added administrative burden or tasks for you. 
    • If you’d like SonderMind to manage a Psychology Today profile for you, in addition to future profiles on WebMD, Zocdoc, and others, please opt-in using this form.
      • From the time you opt-in, it may take up to 2 weeks to complete your profile, or transfer management of an existing page. 
      • We’ll reach out as soon as it is complete.  
    • You are still able to edit your profile or make requested updates with a SonderMind managed profile. To request changes, please contact us at [email protected]
    • To create and optimize your profile, we’ll utilize information you used to build your SonderMind profile, specifically information that is found on your new personal, public landing page.     
  • We chose Psychology Today as it is one of the largest directories with nearly 1 million unique visitors each week. With its competitive search rankings on Google, and thorough profile capabilities, it offers a unique advantage by marketing your practice instantly and targeting the ideal types of clients for your specialty, directing more qualified leads to your personal landing page. 

We’ll add to this article as additional directories are implemented and more information is available. To become a SonderMind clinician, learn more. 

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