How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

Wednesday, May 29

Have you and your spouse been considering marriage counseling? Married couples have rough spots and relationship problems that occur from time to time. Going through marriage counseling together gives you the opportunity to work through specific issues, or find ways to reconnect if you’ve been growing apart. 

Of course, this kind of help usually isn’t free. Marriage counseling costs may vary widely depending on how often you have sessions, where you’re located, and other factors. Whether or not you have insurance can also make a difference in how much you pay overall.

To help you better understand marriage counseling costs, we’ll explore general costs and typical prices and examine how insurance coverage can impact them. 

Examining the general costs of marriage counseling 

Marriage counseling costs have a lot of variation based on several factors. However, knowing national averages can help you get an idea of how much they are. Recent National Directory of Marriage and Family Counseling survey results show that rates tend to fall between $75 and $200 per hour, with an average cost of around $100 per session. 

Some of the main factors that may affect these costs include the following:

  • Therapist qualifications: Licensed marriage and family therapists and other mental health professionals with advanced training, such as psychiatrists, may charge higher fees compared to counselors with less training and experience. 
  • Location: Marriage counseling might cost more in more populated areas, such as big cities with higher demand for these services. 
  • Session length: Longer sessions tend to have higher fees than shorter ones.
  • Session frequency: Going to marriage counseling frequently, although necessary sometimes, could be costly. These costs may decrease as treatment progresses and sessions are needed less often.

Insurance coverage can also affect how much you pay for marriage counseling. Healthcare insurance plans vary in terms of copays, deductibles, and amount of coverage. It’s always best to check with your insurance company for detailed and up-to-date information on what your specific plan includes. 

What happens if you don’t have health insurance? Some places, including SonderMind, offer self-pay rates. These rates may vary based on type of therapy, session lengths, therapist credentials, your location, and other factors. They’re usually more affordable than the cost of therapy without insurance coverage. 

Breaking down marriage counseling pricing models

Costs for marriage counseling vary based on the kind of pricing model that’s used. Some marriage therapists and counselors charge clients per session or per hour. Others might offer packages that include a certain number of sessions for couples therapy. 

Some places offer sliding scales that base fees on clients’ income. Sliding scale fees can help make marriage counseling more cost-effective, especially for clients without insurance coverage.

What do typical rates look like for marriage counseling? At the lower end, couples might pay $75 for weekly in-person sessions — or even lower rates for online sessions. At the higher end, couples might pay $200 or more. Higher rates might be for marriage therapists who are in high demand in their area or for therapists who specialize in helping couples with specific or complex issues. 

At SonderMind, many therapists are in-network with most major healthcare insurance plans. This includes some EAP, FSA, HSA, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage plans. Accepting most insurance plans helps keep SonderMind’s therapy affordable for many clients. 

SonderMind also offers self-pay rates if you don’t have insurance. These rates vary by state and by type and length, such as intake sessions, 60-minute sessions, 45-minute sessions, and 30-minute sessions.

Since insurance coverage varies widely from plan to plan, we recommend contacting your insurance company for the most accurate information. 

How insurance impacts the cost of marriage counseling 

Health insurance can help you save on the cost of marriage counseling. But that depends on whether or not it’s covered. Some insurance plans don’t include marriage or couples counseling. These plans usually only cover mental health services that individuals use for managing or treating a diagnosed or billable mental health condition, such as depression. 

Some insurance plans that do include marriage counseling only cover a certain number of sessions. Depending on how much support couples need, that session limit may not be enough to achieve therapy goals. 

Planning to use your insurance for marriage therapy? Call the number on the back of your insurance card first, even if you know the therapist accepts your insurance. Your plan details can change, so it’s best to get the most up-to-date information ahead of time directly from your insurance provider. 

Verify whether or not marriage counseling is covered under mental or behavioral health benefits. If so, find out if sessions are fully or partially covered and check other details, such as how many sessions are covered. 

Other details to look for include your deductible and copays. For example, you might have a small copay for each session, while your insurance company covers the rest. Or you might need to reach your deductible before coverage kicks in. 

Note that not all therapists who offer marriage counseling take insurance. Some choose not to due to low reimbursement rates. Others prefer not having to work with insurance companies. 

Additional costs associated with marriage counseling to consider 

If you’re budgeting for marriage counseling, there may be additional costs that are easy to overlook. You and your spouse might have an initial consultation before therapy sessions begin. Some therapists might not charge for this consultation, while others might charge a fee for it. 

How long you’re in marriage counseling can also vary. A long-term engagement might be needed to handle complex issues or multiple issues. If so, marriage counseling costs may be higher overall for you and your spouse. 

Maintenance therapy, or “follow-up sessions,” are occasional sessions after treatment has essentially concluded and treatment goals have mostly been met. They're an opportunity for you and your partner to update your therapist on sustained progress and attain some lasting tips and resources.   

Don’t forget about hidden costs. These are costs that you might not consider, such as hiring a babysitter or taking time off from work to attend sessions. You might also need to factor in the cost of gas for your car or public transportation for traveling to and from appointments. 

Online couples therapy through a service such as SonderMind provides greater flexibility that can help you avoid many hidden costs. You and your spouse can meet with your therapist online from your own home at times that fit your schedules. 

Why SonderMind is the right choice for therapy sessions 

Marriage counseling has been shown to be effective at helping spouses strengthen their bond and resolve conflicts and relationship issues. But that largely depends on finding the right marriage or counselor based on each couple’s needs. 

How can you make sure you and your spouse work with a mental health professional who fits your needs? SonderMind provides a simple way to find a couples therapist or counselor who can help you reach your goals in marriage counseling. You tell us a bit about your experience, why you’re seeking therapy, and any preferences you may have for a therapist — such as a specific gender or cultural background, or experience treating a specific mental health concern. From there, we connect you with providers who match your criteria, ensuring you can work with someone who’s right for both of you.  

In the following sections, we’ll go through the top reasons to choose SonderMind for relationship therapy. 

Transparent pricing 

Budgeting for marriage counseling is challenging when you aren’t sure how much you’ll be paying for your sessions. Unexpected costs may add another layer of stress to your relationship, which isn’t helpful. SonderMind offers clear pricing to make this task much easier. 

Self-pay rate estimates help you figure out how much your sessions will cost, depending on your state and session length. The average cost is roughly $85 per session for marriage counseling — but keep in mind that this varies. 

If you’re using insurance, your insurance company can provide details on your costs for marriage counseling, including copays and deductibles. This helps you get a clear picture of how much this service will cost overall.

Are you or your spouse veterans? There’s no cost to you for couples counseling as long as you have a valid referral for this service from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Do you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available? SonderMind accepts Optum (United Healthcare) and Cigna EAP programs. 

Flexible scheduling options 

Scheduling marriage counseling is sometimes difficult for spouses who work different hours. SonderMind offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate a variety of work hours and lifestyles. Does your spouse work regular weekday hours, while you work the night shift? SonderMind has weekend appointments available. 

Do you both work regular weekday hours? Or do you or your spouse work on weekends instead? SonderMind also offers evening appointments during the week. 

You can easily book couples counseling sessions through the platform. This allows you and your spouse to manage your appointments based on your personal schedules. In addition to being convenient, this flexibility makes it easier to consistently attend marriage counseling sessions. This consistency is a key part of having a successful and effective therapeutic experience.

SonderMind offers both in-person and online therapy options. You and your spouse can meet with a therapist face to face in your local area if you prefer in-person sessions. Or you can schedule online marriage counseling sessions for greater convenience. This option allows for even more flexibility with scheduling. 

A wide range of qualified providers 

There isn’t just one way to approach marriage counseling. Some couples may benefit from a therapist or counselor with a specialization in specific issues or one who uses a particular therapeutic approach. 

SonderMind has a diverse network of providers for marriage counseling, including Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed and Independent Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and other professionals. 

Each provider determines the most suitable approach to use for clients in marriage counseling, depending on their situation. SonderMind has a vetting process for providers to ensure high quality and professionalism. Providers must be independently licensed and be a master’s or doctorate-level mental health therapist, psychiatrist, or psychiatric nurse practitioner. 

SonderMind connects clients with therapists and counselors who meet their specific needs. This approach helps enhance the effectiveness of therapy. All you and your spouse need to do is answer a few questions on our online form. 

SonderMind’s centralized digital platform makes it easy for clients to participate in counseling virtually. This setup also allows clients to document their progress with their therapist or counselor through clinical questionnaires. Keeping track of progress helps clients and providers achieve effective outcomes.  

Get marriage help from the professionals at SonderMind 

Marriage counseling services might not be free. But it does offer a way for you and your spouse to grow closer and deepen your emotional bond — and that connection is priceless. 

Ready to start the path toward a happy and healthy relationship with your spouse? Let SonderMind connect you with the right therapist today. 


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