Tips for Work-Life Balance While Working Remote

Monday, March 21 2022

One lasting change from the pandemic?

Work from home (or WFH as it’s often referenced) is here to stay. 

More and more employers are offering a remote-first, flexible, or hybrid option for employees who prefer to work from home instead of an office. So we asked the SonderMind community: how do you balance productivity and self-care while working remotely? 

Here are six of the top tips they shared.

Get dressed for work from home.

Resist the urge to roll out of bed and stay in your pajamas! You might not be heading into an office across town, but getting dressed as if you were helps create distance between your home life and your work life. Throwing on a nice pair of shoes can also encourage you to stay off the couch and head out for a quick walk during breaks. 

Create a designated workspace at home.

The lines between personal and professional life can blur quickly when working from home. If possible, create a comfortable space exclusively for work and free of tempting distractions. Avoid working from the couch when possible — it encourages poor posture and can lead to back and neck pain if done for many days. 

Designating a workspace also helps set boundaries. Treat this workspace as you would a  regular office and maintain a consistent schedule of logging on and logging off the computer so you don’t get wrapped up in your workload after hours. 

Take walks throughout the day while working from home. 

It might be tempting to hit snooze and sleep in when your office is under the same roof as your bed. Consider creating your own “commute” before and after work, and use that time walking or biking around your neighborhood. This will help create a sense of routine in your day, contributing to better work/life boundaries. Incorporating a few walks throughout the day can help clear your mind and sustain your productivity.

Schedule virtual lunches with coworkers while working remote.

Communication doesn’t have to be limited just because you’re not sitting in the same room as your coworkers. Block off some time on your calendar for virtual lunches or coffee hangs. Remember to check in with your teammates (especially new coworkers) just like you would in an office. You might be surprised at how well a funny GIF can lighten the mood even miles or time zones apart!

Use a site blocker to prevent yourself from using social media during regular work hours.

Social media might just be the biggest offender for work distractions. And when you’re working from home, it becomes increasingly challenging to monitor your use of it. Installing a site blocker extension into your web browser and downloading a screen time tracker on your phone or tablet are just a few ways to keep the temptation to scroll at bay. 

Communicate with your boss regularly.

It’s easy to set unrealistic expectations for how a day of remote work should be structured. Set expectations with your boss early on and communicate with them frequently. Remember, it will take time for you to settle into a routine that works best for you, and that routine might look completely different than that of your friends or colleagues who are also working remotely.

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