Tips to Decrease Anxiety and Nervousness in an Interview

Thursday, March 5 2020

While it is quite normal to feel nervous before a job interview, finding the right balance and decreasing your anxiety before the interview will help you perform better. When you get the chance to apply for a tremendous job opportunity that you are really passionate about, you will feel all sorts of pressure to impress your interviewer. But you should remember that this pressure could either overwhelm or empower you. Here are seven excellent tips for you to effectively handle the pressure and reduce your anxiety before your job interview.

1. Sleep early and wake up early before the interview

Having enough sleep the night before the interview should help your senses function smoothly. Make sure that you eat a nice hearty breakfast, although try not to indulge in too much caffeine. Also, bring a bottle of water with you and a pack of biscuits in case you get hungry while waiting for your turn.

2. Prepare everything ahead of the interview to decerease anxiety

Being stuck in traffic or getting lost on the way to the office is not a valid excuse to be late. If you are not sure of where the office is located, visit the area days before the interview to acquaint yourself with the directions and the amount of time needed to get there. Prepare all needed documents and requirements way ahead of the big day so that you won't cram or forget anything.

3. Research the job and your potential employer

Of course, interviewers will focus on knowing your expertise on the potential job description so make sure that you have that ground covered. Also, they might try to gauge your interest by asking you some basic questions about their company. Do your research to understand what the company's goals are, including their history and their achievements.

4. Plan something to do after the interview

Try planning a coffee or lunch date with your friends so that there is something exciting to look forward to after the interview. This excitement will lessen your anxiety and helps to keep your spirits up. Practicing a self-care routine can help you unwind after your interview is over.

5. Accept that there will be some miscues during the interview

You're not perfect, and the interviewer absolutely knows that. Focusing on the possible mistakes you will make will just reduce your confidence and put more pressure on yourself.

6. Converse with your interviewer to help decrease nervousness

Think of this interview as a casual conversation. While there should still be an utmost respect to your interviewer, you can also feel empowered to ask them questions. This will help you build a good rapport and remove any tension in the room.

7. Remember that the company wants you

Always bear in mind that the company wants you too. They wouldn't waste their time on you if they didn't see your potential in the first place. Having this kind of positive mindset will boost your confidence and lessen your anxiety.

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