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Video Telehealth Best Practices

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Simple and smart tips for Video Telehealth best practices

Technology and therapy are changing. Here are some simple steps you can follow to move along with it.

As we transition to more and more of a remote world, we’ve all had to adapt our work and communication styles. As a clinician, preparing for a session you now have to double-check your internet is fully functioning and that your bluetooth earphones are properly connected to your device instead of making sure your client knows where to park or which elevator to take to get to your office. Making sure your tech is running smoothly AND that you don’t miss an important piece of your assessment are vital steps to treating your clients now. Whether you’re a technophobe, a technophile, or anyone in-between these best practices for running a video telehealth session are sure to help.  

Best practices for SonderMind Video telehealth

Consider getting a certificate in additional states to expand your market

Describe the process with any new clients, ensure confidentiality and obtain informed consent prior to your first session together:

  • Review confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality
  • Address any important policies such as cancellations (review policy #7)
  • Informed Consent - What disclosures do I need?
  • Review how clients will access your video session
  • Establish an emergency plan in the event of a crisis (e.g. where is the closest ER, ensure the client has an emergency contact, etc.)
  • Establish a back-up plan in the event of technical issues & communicate it with the client. If tech issues arise before/during your session, instruct the client to contact SonderMind Support at 844-THERAPY

Remember, although you may be at home, maintain professionalism and engagement

Create a comfortable and safe environment:

Ensure you are aware of your client’s location and verify that they have privacy

Tech check:

  • Optimize WiFi speed
    - Situate yourself closest to the router or obtain a WiFi extender if connection is spotty
    - Close out other applications on your device
    - Check your internet speed at
  • Explore and test your external camera and microphone
    - Test your audio/video
    on our platform
  • Ensure you and the client are familiar with the technology platform being used so that the tech aspect isn’t a hindrance to treatment. Take advantage of additional training to improve your knowledge and skills.
    - Client How-to

    - Provider How-to
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**Disclaimer: This document is intended for educational purposes only. Please check with your legal counsel or state licensing board for specific requirements.

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