Telehealth FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About SonderMind Video Telehealth™

Friday, September 22 2023

Telehealth is here to stay. 

That’s why video sessions can offer greater scheduling flexibility and allow providers and clients to connect when it’s challenging to meet in person. But with the use of virtual sessions dramatically increasing, you may find yourself curious or concerned about issues around privacy and security, access, and payment. 

At SonderMind, we provide the resources you need to conduct virtual sessions safely and seamlessly as the demand for mental health care grows. 

A telehealth platform for your digital engagements

SonderMind Video Telehealth is a HIPAA-compliant way for you to conduct a video session with a client. All documentation, scheduling details, and claim submissions are stored in one place to make accessing records simple and efficient. 

To see how SonderMind makes it easy to reach your clients online, check out these frequently asked questions about the SonderMind Video Telehealth platform. 

What should video be used for? Who should use video?

In many cases, video telehealth is a great way to see a client when time, weather, travel, or any of life's curveballs make it difficult to have an in-person session. However, it’s important to keep in mind that video sessions may not be appropriate for everyone. You and your client should decide whether having a video session is a good fit for them.

Are SonderMind Video Telehealth™ sessions secure?

Yes. SonderMind Video Telehealth is a HIPAA-compliant video platform with end-to-end encryption, allowing your client's security and privacy to be protected. A Sondermind Video Telehealth session is never recorded, stored, or shared.

How do I use SonderMind Video Telehealth™ to see clients?

If you’re a SonderMind provider, your provider portal has a built-in video session capability in the calendar. When you schedule a session onto your calendar, you will have the ability to start a video session.

SonderMind providers can also learn more about how SonderMind Video Telehealth works here: How to Conduct a Video Session Video Resource.

Can I use my own video platform to see SonderMind clients? 

You are strongly encouraged to use SonderMind Video Telehealth to ensure security and confidentiality for your clients. If you choose to use a different platform, you must select a HIPAA-compliant video service to see SonderMind clients.

What devices can I complete a video session on?

For optimal quality, SonderMind Video Telehealth sessions are best conducted on a desktop computer. You can also utilize the video session capability on a mobile phone. 

How can my clients use video on the iOS and Android mobile apps?

Clients will need to download the latest version of our application to use video within the app. Once installed, the experience is similar to our web application.

Am I required to use video sessions for clients?

You are not required to provide video services to clients if it is not a good fit for your practice or your clients.

Can a session be billed if we do not use video (phone/voice only)?

Telehealth is only billable to insurance when both the provider and client use video and audio simultaneously. Audio-only sessions are available for self-pay clients only.

What if the client is not comfortable having their video turned on?

If a client is not comfortable having their video turned on, a video session may not be the best fit for this client. If you and the client determine that an audio-only session would be appropriate to meet this client's needs, the client must attest to self-pay, as audio-only sessions cannot be billed to insurance.

What is the reimbursement rate for a video session?

As a SonderMind provider, the session rate for a video session is the same as your SonderMind rate for an in-person session. SonderMind guarantees that no matter what type of insurance your client has, you will be reimbursed the same regardless of whether the session is completed via video or face to face.

Will insurance or EAPs cover SonderMind Video Telehealth™ sessions?

SonderMind aims to ensure that all of its services are accessible to clients using their insurance to pay for these services. SonderMind Video TelehealthTM is no different. However, just like with certain in-person scenarios, video telehealth may not be covered by all plans. We recommend asking your client to verify their benefits with their insurance provider before your first video session.

Can I submit a no-show claim for a video session? 

The SonderMind cancellation policy is the same whether a session is scheduled in-person or virtually. If a client were to no-show or late cancel within 24 hours, you could submit a no-show claim for a video session. Submitting a no-show claim is contingent upon the client being scheduled on your SonderMind calendar 48 hours in advance of the session and that the client is not using an EAP benefit.

Does any additional paperwork need to be signed by my clients or me to have sessions over telehealth?

Before you start your first video sessions, we’ll ask that you acknowledge the SonderMind Video Telehealth attestation. This will pop up in your portal immediately upon accessing your first video session. Clients do not have additional consents from SonderMind.  

Am I able to take notes in my SonderMind provider portal while in a video session?

Yes. You can minimize the video session to access session notes during your video session. You can also use this feature to navigate to other parts of your SonderMind portal during a session.

What should I do if I have technical difficulties with SonderMind Video Telehealth™? 

Network issues are the leading cause of lagging or distorted video/audio. Our video system constantly monitors the network quality of your network connection to alert you of any network issues. If you see an error alert, follow the video system’s guidance to test your connection, and if you’re on a wireless connection move closer to your router.

As a SonderMind provider, you have access to robust support and resources. If you encounter any technical difficulties with SonderMind Video Telehealth, check out the Video Telehealth Troubleshooting Guide or contact SonderMind support.

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