Tech Tips to Ease Your Workflow

Friday, September 22

A handful of hacks to help make work easier

You don’t have to be tech savvy to be tech smart. Check out these simple steps to stay organized.

We’ve compiled a few quick tips and tricks that will make your work with SonderMind as effortless as possible. Following these simple steps will help you optimize our platforms, keep organized, and inform you on upcoming events and features you don’t want to miss.

Use Google Chrome: this browser type works best with your portal as well as our training/educational center. You can download Google Chrome HERE.

Bookmark your portal for one-click access.


  • Upon receiving an email from SonderMind Support and/or Provider Success, follow these instructions to ensure all important emails are getting funneled to your inbox:
    - Gmail
    users: drag/drop our email to your primary inbox or mark our emails as important
    - Apple Mail
    users: add [email protected] and [email protected] to your VIP list (instructions)
    - Outlook
    users:add [email protected] and [email protected] to your favorites
  • Get immediate SMS notifications: Don’t worry, we won’t send you unnecessary information - just updates on new portal tasks that need your attention.
    - visit Account Info in your portal to enable SMS (text)
  • Check your emails! We will notify you about prospective & current clients so make it a habit to check emails from our team frequently.
  • Newsletter updates: we’re constantly working to improve our product and overall processes, so make sure you’re in the know by opening the “Progress Notes” newsletters we send out every two weeks.


Educational resources at your fingertips

  • See the Help section of the Training & Guidance menu from within your portal
    - Resources on how to use key portal functions
    - Resources on what specialty programs we offer and how to sign-up
  • The New to Private Practice homepage: contains useful information for both new and experienced providers in need of brushing up on key aspects of running a private practice.
  • Community Forum: connect with other SonderMind providers from the Community button in your portal.

Get guidance throughout your mental health journey.

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