Why SonderMind? Full Practice Support for Personalized Care

Friday, September 22 2023

As a mental health professional, you understand the benefits of whole-person care. You’ve seen firsthand how people can live better, healthier lives when prioritizing their mental health. 

You know what we know: therapy works. 

At SonderMind, we help mental health providers deliver effective, personalized treatment because we support whole-person care. 

It’s that simple. In fact, our data shows that clients see results in less than six therapy sessions. Keep reading to discover how you can improve the lives of your clients, backed by the evidence-based strategy and end-to-end support of SonderMind. 

A clinical strategy rooted in evidence-based care

Our evidence-based approach to care gives you the tools you need to help clients get better, faster. With SonderMind, you can:


Practice measurement-based care 

With our integrated digital delivery, clients can easily complete clinical questionnaires right from their SonderMind account. You can seamlessly review completed questionnaires and track client progress over time on a digital dashboard.


Participate in feedback-informed care 

Using quantifiable symptom ratings, our feedback-informed care model encourages adjustments when needed, helping to refine treatment and increase effectiveness. It’s a unique, key component to measurement-based care — and it’s proven to improve clinical outcomes. 


Access strategic partnerships

Through our expanding psychiatry program, you have access to prescribers and can refer clients for psychiatric care. We also offer medical behavioral integration (MBI), an Integrated Therapist program where medical and behavioral health clinicians can collaborate to address mental health concerns identified during medical visits.

Technology and support to empower your practice

Leverage our technology and support to find the right clients and reach more people in need. We’ll help you: 


Receive client referrals 

Our technology refers new clients to your practice based on their intake information and your expertise. You can decide the types of clients you see and how you schedule them.


Minimize administrative work

Manage client care in one spot with our HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform, direct scheduling, messaging, and more. We also take on administrative support, offering integrated billing and insurance credentialing services.


Protect your income

We guarantee you will be paid your full contracted amount per SonderMind session. We’ll also take care of insurance reimbursement and collections so that you can focus on helping clients without worrying if you are going to get paid for your time.  

A professional community that embraces whole-person care

Gain access to a group of trusted industry leaders and expansive opportunities, including case consultations, resources (like business education workshops), and free or discounted CEs. SonderMind therapists get exclusive opportunities to:  


Engage in professional development 

Our professional development also includes clinical education and psychoeducation tools and content to facilitate intersession engagement with clients. See all continuing education and training opportunities available to SonderMind providers here.


Tap into clinical expertise 

Gain expertise and training from our clinical leadership team. You’ll also be invited to an online forum just for SonderMind providers to ask questions, network, and support one another in case consultation. ‍


Get support from a dedicated coach 

Your SonderMind coach will guide you through a robust training and onboarding program. They’ll remain available to answer questions whenever you need support or additional training. ‍

Redesigning mental health care with full practice support

We’re on a mission to redesign mental and behavioral health care by improving access, utilization, and outcomes. Our therapists are passionate about what they do, and we’re passionate about helping them succeed. Gain peace of mind knowing that you have end-to-end support for your practice, from clinical expertise, exclusive resources and technology, to career development opportunities.

Join a community of thousands of mental health providers changing the future of mental health care. Join SonderMind today.    

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