Webinar: Improving Your Online Therapist Profile

Friday, September 22 2023

Whether you’re using SonderMind, Psychology Today, or maintaining your own personal website, by now, you likely know that maintaining a thorough and engaging online presence is an important way to meet new clients.

With SonderMind, you’ll get matched with clients based on specialty, availability, location, treatment approaches, insurance, and more. Before requesting an intro consultation with you, potential clients will have the opportunity to browse your online therapist profile to see if you’re the right fit for what they’re looking for. 

This free webinar offers tips and tools to evaluate your online presence, rewrite your bio, and make your digital profiles (on SonderMind and beyond) as compelling as possible. 

Improve your online therapist profile 

In this recorded webinar, we’ll cover key components of a professional bio, taking a great photo, and what clients see the first time they come across your SonderMind profile. Together we’ll craft a profile that will give your future clients insight into who you are and how you can help them.

This webinar is for anyone who is looking to:

  • Gain an understanding of why a compelling bio and photo are important to potential clients
  • Explore what the key components are in a thorough bio
  • Learn how to take a professional headshot
  • Identify areas of your profile that could be improved 
  • Brainstorm and begin writing a new or revised bio

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