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Being a SonderMind therapist means working to understand how clients are progressing in their mental health journey. This includes Clinical Questionnaires or CQs.

CQs in psychotherapy are useful for a variety of reasons:  

  • As a basis for identifying a client’s issues
  • Developing interventions that will be effective over the course of treatment
  • Diagnosing/Evaluation
  • Communicating treatment goals and objectives with both your client and other members of their recovery team

Below are some of the more commonly used mental health screenings used by both mental health professionals as well as self-assessments that might help individuals determine whether or not they have specific symptoms related to a behavioral health diagnosis.

Purpose of using CQs:

  • identifying symptoms and problems
  • creating a mental health treatment plan
  • diagnosis
  • decision-making
  • identifying the client's strengths
  • measuring the achievement of goals
  • examining progress
  • promoting positive changes

Types of Behavioral Health CQs- they can be formal or informal, self-reported or administered by the provider, and can be completed at any stage of the counseling process.

These are screenings which help detect behavioral health and/or functional problems. 

Here are links to various screening tests on


Specific Symptom/Diagnosis Related Assessments

Remember that screening is not diagnosing

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