Webinar: Trauma and EMDR in a Virtual World

Friday, September 22

One of the lasting changes that the pandemic created was the ubiquity of telehealth. For many, the opportunity to attend virtual appointments has been a saving grace during these trying times.

However, many therapeutic modalities have traditionally been offered in person. The thought of practicing eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy in a virtual setting may sound daunting at first. You might question its effectiveness or how you can help clients create a sense of grounding through a screen.

In this webinar, SonderMind provider Laura Brassie, LPC, addresses these challenges and provides her expertise on treating trauma and practicing EMDR in a telehealth setting. 

Laura specializes in EMDR, trauma, and professional burnout. She also works with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, life transitions, and substance use recovery. 

Practicing EMDR in a telehealth setting

In this recorded, 60-minute webinar, Laura shares her clinical experience navigating treating clients with trauma history and utilizing EMDR techniques virtually.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Support EMDR-trained practitioners 
  • Offer best practices for EMDR therapy in a virtual space
  • Provide general insights on trauma-informed care in telehealth

Please note: this training is not EMDR basic training or EMDR consultation. This webinar does not meet the criteria to accrue consultation hours toward EMDR certification or EMDR training requirements.

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[Estimated completion time: 60 minutes]

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