CE Webinar: Master Your Differential Diagnosis Skills

Friday, September 22 2023

Take your DSM-5® diagnostic skills to the next level. The advanced seminar “Mastering Differential Diagnosis with the DSM-5: A Symptom-Based Approach”, hosted by PESI, is designed specifically for mental health professionals seeking to master clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis. 

Master your differential diagnosis skills

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Conduct a four-step diagnostic process to accurately identify and code a client’s diagnosis
  • Investigate common differential DSM-5 diagnoses for clients with anxiety, depressive, or abnormal cognitive symptoms
  • Differentiate between overlapping symptoms and comorbid conditions in order to provide the correct diagnosis
  • Analyze differential diagnoses for clients who present with disruptive behavior
  • Collect the specific information required for an accurate differential DSM-5 diagnosis of clients with a history of trauma
  • Use the DSM-5® severity tables, assessment tools, and coding notes to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and ICD-10 coding

Plus, you’ll get case examples and studies throughout to help you apply the four-step symptoms-based diagnostic method. 

Have your DSM-5® manual handy, so you can take advantage of everything this course has to offer.

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As a SonderMind provider, you can earn one free CE certificate. ​​Just print the certificate of completion after completing and passing the online post-test evaluation. You’ll also have exclusive access to the full webinar manual to easily refer back to the course at any time.

Join a community of mental health professionals and elevate your DSM-5® diagnostic skills.

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[Estimated completion time: 90 minutes]

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