Webinar: Therapeutic Alliance Rupture and Repair

Friday, September 22

Research demonstrates that forming a therapeutic alliance is the strongest predictor of positive outcomes for clients. 

What is the ‘therapeutic alliance’? It’s the relationship between you and a client. It’s dynamic and can change from session to session or even throughout a single session. It’s constantly evolving and can also rupture occasionally. 

Alliance ruptures are periods of tension or breakdown in collaboration or communication between clients and therapists. 

You can take steps to repair ruptures as they happen, and in this free webinar, you’ll learn how to develop your own unique repair strategies.

Understanding therapeutic alliance rupture and repair

In this recorded, 90-minute webinar, Drs. J. Christopher Muran and Catherine Eubanks present on making alliance-based care an integral part of a therapy practice. Watch this webinar to learn how to use this model to support better outcomes for your clients.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand an integrative formulation of the patient-therapist working alliance
  • Recognize alliance ruptures as a negative process involving both patient and therapist
  • Become familiar with alliance development and rupture repair strategies

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