Supporting Medicare Clients

Friday, September 22 2023

More than 18% of Americans - nearly 63 million people - are enrolled in Medicare. Working to improve access to behavioral healthcare for this population is a major part of SonderMind’s mission.

We’ve compiled a list of important resources and need-to-knows to support providers working with Medicare clients.

Required Licenses

SonderMind providers are now eligible to register with Medicare through SonderMind if they have one or more of the following licenses: 

  • Licensed Psychologist (LP)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)

SOAP Notes

The biggest difference between working with Medicare clients versus those who have commercial insurance is the requirement to complete SOAP notes. These notes are a Center for Medicare Services documentation requirement for continuing to see clients with Medicare or Medicare Advantage insurance.

SonderMind providers working with Medicare clients should complete SOAP notes in their provider portal and submit them with each Medicare claim. Completing SOAP notes in the provider portal means that SonderMind will handle any CMS audit requirements on your behalf.


For SonderMind providers, once the credentialing team gets you credentialed with Medicare, your portal will reflect all the Medicare payors you are credentialed with. These payors will then be options for you to select when submitting claims for Medicare clients. 

If you are credentialed with Medicare either independently or with another agency outside of SonderMind, you will complete the ‘reassignment of benefits process’ that allows SonderMind to submit claims to Medicare on your behalf. This will not disrupt any other Medicare arrangements you may have - it will be in addition to those other arrangements. 

Additional Resources

We’ve compiled resources to help whether you have lots of experience working with Medicare clients or are just starting to work with this population.

Geropsychology Resources:

Medicare Regulation Resources:

SonderMind providers with any questions about Medicare-related issues, including matching, scheduling, or billing, please contact us at (844) THERAPY. 


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