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SonderMind makes it easier for mental health providers to focus on providing great care, not running a business. We want to redesign the behavioral health industry to become more accessible, approachable and utilized.

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Why join?

  • Build your practice with access to a large referral network
  • Simplify practice administration
  • Increase average practice revenue

What is the cost?

Nothing - no fees charged per session, credit card fees, etc.

What rates does it pay?

Rates depend on license level, service provided, etc.

SonderMind's proprietary software solution is included for free and allows for lightweight practice management and electronic health record system, mobile app with voice notes functionality, claims submissions and calendar functionality, all in one platform

Am I required to see a certain number of referrals or to take all of the referrals you send me?

No - you decide which clients you take and which ones you don’t, with no quotas or minimum volume requirements. We refer you clients but you ultimately decide if you want to take them on an individual basis- you are not obligated to take the clients we refer you.

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