Reasons to Love Your Staycation This Summer

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Summer is a time for road trips, theme park visits, and weekend getaways. This summer, however, will look a lot different — as plans are being cancelled left and right, we're all left wondering which safe activities we'll be able to fill our now empty schedules with.

That is why 2020 will be the year that the staycation returns. Yes, you can still enjoy your summer. Even from the safety of your own home. This guide will help you and your family embrace the staycation and start planning a fun summer at home.

The History of the Staycation

The staycation or stay-at-home vacation involves having your vacation close to or at home and has an interesting modern history. This is not the first time Americans have had to opt for a local holiday instead of taking in the sights of Italy or camping in Yosemite. The market crash of 2008 forced people to limit their vacation budget and stay at or closer to home. Thus, the staycation was born. It showed people that it's possible to find the wonders of the world in their own back yards. It's likely you may have done it before and you can definitely do it again. All you need to do is use your imagination and get creative.

Stay Home and Play

Your summer trip is not going to happen and you're feeling upset. But that doesn't mean the summer's ruined. It just means you need to make alternative plans. Reframe the way you look at this situation and you may even find yourself enjoying your time close to home.

For one, a staycation helps to limit travel organization stress. The stress of travel ranges from finding accommodation to overpacking your luggage full of items you may not even use. Plus, there's the actual journey, itinerary, and food to consider.

Staying in allows you to try activities that you never usually would. Whether it's because of a busy schedule during the year or just because you've never had the chance. This is your opportunity to find the little wonders at home or in your neighborhood you've never before taken in. Use this time as a chance to discover the beauty of your own city or region, which most people often forget to do.

Besides, the local economy could also use your help; especially small businesses. Staying close to home allows you to shop local and support the economy that likely also supports you.

Fun Staycation Ideas

There is plenty of fun and exciting ideas for all types of families to enjoy during their summer staycation:

  • Pamper yourself with a spa day: Making bath bombs and facial masks or just giving each other massages is a great way to destress, feel treated, and have some fun.
  • Pitch a tent to camp in your back yard: This is the ideal way to literally get out of the house. Light a bonfire, make S'mores, and enjoy the change of scenery on those warm summer nights.
  • Try new recipes from exotic destinations: There are plenty of chefs who post their recipes online, so why not try them yourself? Pretend you're at a Michelin star restaurant in your favorite city and savor the results of your effort.
  • Host a film festival: Decide on a theme such as horror or Sci-fi and plan the movie list. You can even do an epic undertaking of all eight Harry Potter movies or 10 hours of Lord of the Rings.

A Memorable Summer

There are many ways to make a staycation fun, exciting, and most of all, memorable. As long as you're keeping busy, staying at home might be the best thing that could happen on a holiday. Take some time to discuss your options with your family and come up with an at-home summer plan that suits you all.

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July 7, 2020
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