8 Reasons Why Having a Pet is Good for Your Mental Health

Tuesday, March 3 2020

There is no doubt that pets and humans have a very special bond. 95% of pet owners look at their pet as a part of their family, while many people diagnosed with mental illness symptoms acknowledged that having a pet has helped them cope with their illness. Pets don't just bring a ray of sunshine into your home, but they also relieve you of your stress and anxiety. Here are eight reasons why adopting a pet is beneficial for your mental health.

1. Pets become your instant companion

Companionship is arguably the most important benefit perk of having a furry friend. You will never come home to an empty house because they will always be there excitedly waiting for you.

2. Pets help in the release of your happy hormones

Petting your dog or your cat increases your level of oxytocin, a type of hormone that will make you feel happy and loved. This is the reason why cuddling with your pet even for just a few minutes will instantly brighten your mood.

3. Pets will make you feel needed

The added responsibility of taking good care of your pet is a positive pressure that will improve your mental health. They will make you feel needed, pushing you to always move forward each day.

4. Pets encourage you to build an everyday routine

Instead of just sitting on your couch all day long, you have to get up and walk your dog every morning or go out to buy milk for your cat. This encourages you to build up a structure to your everyday life, and helps you to see your life's value and purpose.

5. Pets relieve you of your stress and anxiety

Coming home to happy, playful dog with his waggling tail should immediately bring fresh air to your exhausted self. Knowing that your pet is eagerly waiting all day for you will give you something to look forward to at the end of a tiring, stressful day at work. Most importantly, they take your mind off your worries and refreshes your soul for a while.

6. Pets motivate you to build relationships and connections

Heading out to the park to give your pet a chance to play will also allow you to interact with a lot of friendly people. You will instantly join a group of pet lovers, giving you a loving second family. Having somebody to talk to and share your passions with will be a big boost to your mental health progress.

7. Pets bring out your childlike spirits

It's encouraged to sometimes bring out your playful spirits, especially in times when you forget to have fun because of how busy you are. Playing with your pets will take you back to memory lane and be like an innocent child again.

8. Pets help increase our self-esteem

As your pets help you to become more responsible and socially active, your self-esteem will surely improve. You will place more value on yourself and encourage you to be more optimistic.

Along with having a loving furry friend who will instantly become your best friend, it is also encouraged that you talk to people who understand what it's like to be overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Here at SonderMind, we will reach out to local therapists who are in the same location and availability as you. Don't hesitate to connect with us and we will do everything to help you.

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