5 Tips for Smooth Video Telehealth Sessions

Medically reviewed by: Erika McElroy, Ph.D.
Thursday, October 13 2022

When you decide to start therapy, there are probably many things you’re considering. One of them is how you’re going to do therapy — whether you want to do it in-person or via a video session

Some people prefer in-person sessions. Others prefer to meet with their therapist online, via video. The method you choose is up to you. It might depend on your comfort level, what’s convenient for you, your schedule, and other factors. 

If you choose to do video telehealth therapy, you’re not alone. The pandemic has made many people rethink the idea of sitting in a provider’s office. Research shows that mental health care delivered remotely is just as effective as in-person sessions. Here are some tips to make your next video telehealth session as smooth as possible. 

1. Find a time with no distractions

Imagine this. Your kids need your undivided attention. We hear you. Ours do too. One solution to this would be to schedule a therapy session during your kid’s favorite TV show, or even at night after you’ve put them in bed. 

At SonderMind, we have therapists who can provide care during convenient times for you and your family. No matter the hour, we’ll do our best to find a therapist who’s available for you. Then you can receive care in peace, without distractions or pressure.

2. Write down your telehealth session list

If you get nervous before video calls, you’re definitely not alone. Try preparing for your therapy session in advance by writing down a list of things you want to talk about with your therapist. If you find that during the session your conversation drifts, having that written list to go back to when you’re not sure what to bring up next can help calm your nerves. 

Here are some more tips to help you prepare for your therapy session

3. Find a private place

You’ll want to have your therapy session in a quiet place where you can talk freely. If you’re sharing a small space, others might be able to hear your calls. Here are some things you can do:

  • If your internet allows, try moving to a more secluded area in your home. 
  • Play some light music or white noise on your phone, or if you’re comfortable with it, ask others to listen to music through headphones during your session. 
  • Be sure to wear headphones, too. Wireless headphones are great because they allow you some space to express yourself through your body language, but wired headphones work just as well — either way, using headphones will help maintain audio quality and will keep your therapist’s conversation private from anyone who might be within earshot.


4. Open up, even online

You might find it hard to be open in an online environment. We completely get it. If you’re used to in-person sessions, transitioning to online can be a big (and potentially awkward) adjustment. An open and honest communication with your therapist is key to your success in therapy. The therapeutic relationship — the relationship you have with your therapist — should be a safe place for you to experiment with navigating the problems and challenges you may encounter. 

Rest assured that what you share with your therapist via a video session is completely confidential. At SonderMind, our video technology is HIPAA-compliant and is never recorded, stored, or shared. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and are the federal standards that address the use and disclosure of your health information. 

Here are some things you can do to have an open and honest relationship with your therapist — whether it’s in-person or online. 

5. Prep the tech for telehealth therapy

We’ve all been there. You get on a video call and find that your internet connection can’t handle video calls. Does that mean you have to update your wifi speed? Not necessarily. Try these instead:

  • Try sitting in the same room as your wifi router if possible.
  • Set up a hotspot on your mobile phone.
  • Do a test call with a family member or friend so you’re confident before your session.

If you need any assistive technology, like a screen reader, be sure you set that up beforehand. At SonderMind, we can help you through any technical issues to set you up for a smooth video session. 

Scheduling a video session at SonderMind

Scheduling an online session with a therapist at SonderMind is simple. After you connect with a therapist, you can easily schedule video sessions with your chosen provider on our online platform. You can have therapy sessions on your desktop (a laptop or computer) or on your mobile device. 

We know things come up. That’s why we put you in control of managing your appointments. If you want to change your appointment time or reschedule, you can easily do it via the online platform, giving you control and flexibility to manage your schedule.

You’re never alone when it comes to your mental health care. We’re here to support you along the way, from helping you prepare for your first session to giving you the support and tools you need to succeed in your therapy journey.

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