November 5, 2021

CE Webinar: Navigating Anxiety and Depression During Turbulent Times (6 CEs)

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Change is never easy. As people experience the loss of familiarity and routine, their stress and anxiety increase. Family rifts, financial strain, health fears, economic strife, systemic racism, and grief are just a few of the challenges people face today. 

Fueled by 24/7 news and other media exposure, ambient anxiety is real and rampant for everyone. You, too, may have been affected by it.

At SonderMind, we put you and your clients’ well-being first. That’s why we bring you this CE webinar, “The New Era of Anxiety: Helping Clients Navigate Stress, Fear, Loss & Grief During Turbulent Times,” hosted by PESI. 

Reclaim joy for you and your clients

Watch anxiety and depression expert and author, Margaret Wehrenberg, PsyD, as she builds on her “10 Best Ever Treatment Techniques” to give you a set of new interventions that will help you skillfully work with your clients’ most complex, recurring or unearthed anxieties.

You’ll learn strategies to help your clients address sadness, grief, and loss and cope with panic and fear. In addition, you’ll learn intervention techniques to help your clients:

  • Apply logic to illogical anxiety
  • Restore meaning and purpose in day-to-day life through routine and ritual
  • Define anchor points and boundary setting when time is blurred
  • Manage guilt, jealousy, disappointment, and perceptions
  • Discern between anxiety and unacknowledged grief
  • Adapt to a work-from-home life

Just as important, you’ll learn proven techniques to improve your energy and emotional wellbeing so you can help your clients reclaim the joy in their lives.

Earn CE credits for less

As a SonderMind provider, you can earn CE credits for a fraction of the standard cost. After you complete the course, you’ll be eligible to earn 6 credits for $19.99, rather than the standard $219.99. You’ll also have exclusive access to the full webinar manual to easily refer back to the course at any time.

Join a community of mental health professionals who are helping clients and each other regain control of their mental wellbeing.

Plus, you’ll have access to a full suite of professional development opportunities. See all continuing education and training opportunities available to SonderMind providers here

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