Seven Benefits of Partnering with SonderMind

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Hoping to run a better business? Looking to ditch the 9-5 life? Want to focus on people, not paperwork? 

We did some research and found that mental health providers are drawn to SonderMind for dozens of reasons. But the common thread we found is that partnering with SonderMind empowers therapists to redesign what’s possible in private practice. 

We understand that it’s never been more important to provide mental health care, and we’re here to help you do it. Our technology, business structure, and professional community offer a complete toolbox of resources to help you succeed in private practice. Read on to learn about seven benefits of partnering with SonderMind.

1. No more not getting paid on time.

You heard it right. With SonderMind Guaranteed Pay, you are guaranteed to be paid your full contracted amount per session. You will see your account balance refresh in 24 hours after submitting a claim. Available funds are then automatically paid out to your bank account every two weeks. SonderMind takes on the hassle of insurance reimbursement and collections so that you can focus on helping clients — without worrying if you are going to get paid for your time. 

2. Say goodbye to that credentialing headache.

Credentialing takes forever. That’s why we do it for you. We’ll submit your paperwork to get you in-network with applicable insurance plans, as well as employee assistance programs (EAPs). This also means:

✓ SonderMind can take on billing your current clients paying with insurance.

✓ Your current cash-pay clients can begin using insurance benefits.

3. Grow your caseload with new clients.

Whether you are looking to take on two clients or 20, we have no minimums or maximums for caseloads. You get to scale your practice on your time, at your pace. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that our network is growing, too. We have partnerships with most major insurance networks, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), medical practices, behavioral health organizations and agencies, health systems, and more. As a SonderMind provider, you will automatically begin to match with clients once you complete onboarding. 

4.  Practice and support clients the way you want. Seriously. 

We match clients with therapists based on specialty, availability, location, treatment approaches, and insurance, among other key factors. Best of all, we don’t dictate the types of clients you see or how you schedule them — you get to build a practice focused on the clients you connect with best. Partnering with SonderMind means you can work with specific populations that match your specialties, such as veterans, first responders, the LGBTQ+ community, and more. 

5. HIPAA-compliant tools at your fingertips. 

We offer the technology you need to conduct safe video and in-person sessions to drive measurable, successful outcomes for your clients. SonderMind’s HIPAA-compliant platform for Telehealth Video Sessions makes adding online therapy to your practice offerings easy, even in a post-pandemic world. You’ll also get access to tools to document clinical notes securely and a scheduler to stay organized. 

6. Top-notch professional development is just a click away.

Got a head-scratcher? Joining SonderMind gets you access to an online forum exclusively for SonderMind providers to ask questions, network, and support one another in case consultation. We also host regular training webinars on both business and clinical topics and have a large resource center of articles available, covering everything from SOAP notes to therapist burnout. 

7. We’ve got your back. 

Succeeding in private practice doesn’t mean you have to do everything all on your own. Once you are onboarded, you will work with a Provider Success Coach who will help you identify and overcome any professional challenges you might be facing. Plus, our support team can help with anything from billing questions to navigating what’s what in your portal.

SonderMind therapists are passionate about what they do, and we’re passionate about helping them succeed. Whether you’re new to private practice or already have an established client base, SonderMind can help you — and at no cost to you or your practice. Learn more about partnering with SonderMind today.

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