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Hear from a few people who told us about what they’re going through – from struggles with anxiety and depression to managing ADHD, and overcoming the challenges that come with parenting, loss, relationships, and life.

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“I struggle with guilt being away from my family.”

"I struggle with depression and anxiety."

"I really have trouble reaching out to other people."

"One thing I struggle with every day is confidence."

"Something that makes me happy is my dog, Mr. Oats."

"I joined a choir recently, something I've been wanting to do for years."

"I'm a mom of a five-year-old, which is as difficult as it is rewarding."

"There’s a lot that I can learn from my younger self."

Why Do We Ask You to Create a Profile

Your profile helps us find a therapist who accepts your insurance and enables us to contact you with your match. Your profile information is confidential, secured, and will never be shared or sold to any other organization.

Why Do We Ask for Your Insurance & Credit/Debit Card Information?

Your profile helps us find a therapist who accepts your insurance and has the right experience. We need your payment information because visiting a therapist is like visiting any other healthcare provider. Your insurance may help you get services at a reduced cost or even no cost, but you may be responsible for a co-pay.

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What to expect in talk therapy

Learn techniques and build skills for mental well-being


Answer a few questions so we know how to help

Fill out a brief online questionnaire, or speak to our care team over the phone. Then, we'll get to work to find the best SonderMind therapist for you.


Coordinate sessions and track progress online

Your SonderMind account is where you'll connect with your therapist, attend video sessions, view your progress, process insurance, and more. For families or couples, you'll use one account, together.


See real change and find continued support

We're here with you every step of the way. Your SonderMind therapist will work with you to build a plan based on your individual needs and goals. 

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Are you a mental health clinician?

We are always looking for experienced therapists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners to join our team.

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