November 19, 2021

Providing Whole-Person Care: Partnering With Medical Practices

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Mental health and physical health are connected. When a person’s mental health declines, this can negatively impact their physical health, and vice versa. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive, mind-body model of care. SonderMind’s Integrated Therapist program facilitates the collaboration between behavioral healthcare and medical practices. It’s part of our larger Medical Behavioral Integration (MBI) initiative, which recognizes the important connection between mental and physical health care. 

Interested in participating in our Integrated Therapist program? Keep reading to see how this may be a good opportunity for your therapy practice.

What is the Integrated Therapist program?

Through the SonderMind Integrated Therapist program, therapists can partner directly with a physician to provide mental health care to their practice’s patients. Integrated Therapists may work with patients on-site at the medical practice or through SonderMind Video Telehealth, depending on the medical practice’s needs and therapist preferences. 

What types of medical practices participate in the Integrated Therapist program?

Many different types of practices have partnered with a SonderMind Integrated Therapist. Currently, we work with practices that include primary care, family medicine, pediatric, and specialty care.

What types of patients participate in the Integrated Therapist program?

Typically, patients referred to our Integrated Therapist program are highly motivated to attend their first appointment. The presenting case may vary based on the type of practice that refers them.

How does SonderMind match providers with a medical practice?

After a SonderMind provider signs up for the program, they’ll meet with our Senior Clinical Implementation Specialist to discuss the provider’s specialties, expertise, schedule, location, and other unique preferences. We will then match the provider with one of our partnered medical practices based on compatibility and patient needs. Before the provider begins meeting with any patients, they’ll meet with the medical practice to ensure the provider is the right fit for their anticipated needs. 

What do referrals look like for Integrated Therapists? Is it different from traditional matching?

Since medical practice patients are directed to one specific therapist, SonderMind’s Care Coordination team will match patients to an Integrated Therapist within 48 hours of a referral.

Do Integrated Therapists get paid more?

The pay structure is the same as for regular SonderMind client payments. 

How are medical practice patients screened? 

Patients are screened by their healthcare provider using a variety of tools, including an interview and assessments like the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7). If a patient decides they want to pursue therapy, their healthcare provider will then send a referral to the SonderMind Care Coordination team.

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