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Our Continuing Education library. Your path to self improvement and improved care for clients.

Find what feels right, fuels your passion, and supports the clients and cases you are most passionate about.

No matter your license type, every 1-2 years you need to obtain a certain number of continuing education credits in order to continue practicing. Continuing education is essential to staying up to date with scientific evidence as it relates to all aspects of treatment and legal regulations. There are tons of online resources that offer training on a variety of topics. We’ve organized a whole selection of them for you to consider. Have fun learning, improving, and using continuing education to help your clients reach successful outcomes.

On-line webinars with current partners of SonderMind

Organizations offering an array of topics

Specialty and niche-specific topics

  • Behavioral Health Coding Training
  • VA National Center for PTSD Free Online Trainings:
    Written Exposure Therapy: A Brief PTSD Treatment
    - PTSD Course for Community Providers
    - Prolonged Exposure Therapy: Effective Treatment for PTSD
    - Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) 101
    - Post Traumatic Stress and Substance Use Disorder Comorbidity
    - Practical Applications of Trauma-Focused Psychotherapies
    - Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD

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