SonderMind Provider Community How-To

Orienting Yourself to Your SonderMind Provider Community:

Welcome to Your SonderMind Provider Community! This doc will give you a few tips + tricks on how to orient yourself to your new platform.

On your homepage, you can see the 3 overarching categories for discussions and posts: General, SonderMind Portal, and Provider Network.

All of the discussions and posts are organized under these three categories, and each category is divided into smaller subcategories. On the right hand side, you will also see a list of quick links that can take you directly to things like categories, recent discussions, and groups.

To return to the homepage, you can click the SonderMind logo in the upper left hand corner.

Groups are smaller sub communities within the SonderMind provider community that are organized by some commonality like state or service (e.g. Missouri Providers, SonderMind Anytime Messaging Providers, etc.). You can request to join groups that are relevant to you.

You can use the search button in the upper right hand corner to look up keywords across the forum. 

Next to the search button, you can see all of your notifications by clicking on the bell icon. Notifications that are turned on by default include things like comments on your bookmarked discussions, answers to questions you ask, replies to your comments, mentions, and invitations to groups. You can edit which notifications you want to get under profile (see below).

Finally, you can edit your profile and settings using the rightmost icon in the upper right corner. To change your notifications settings or your email preferences, click into the profile icon, then click “Edit Profile”, and then click “Notification Preferences” on the right. You can then select what items you want email and/or pop-up notifications for.

Starting Discussions:

There are two ways you can start a new discussion:

1. On the homepage, click “New Discussion” on the right, then choose which category you want your discussion to be in
2. Navigate to the desired discussion category or subcategory and click “New Discussion” on the right

Make sure to put your post in a relevant category, this helps keep the forum organized by posting in the correct place. Additionally, make the discussion title or question as descriptive as possible. A good title is a short preview of your post and helps other providers know what you are discussing or asking.  You can also attach images, documents, or links to your post by clicking the icons in the bottom left corner of the text box while writing your post. 

Accessing Your Help & FAQs:

All of your knowledge base materials are available to you on your SonderMind Provider Community platform. To access them, simply click on Help & FAQ on either the top toolbar or the Quick Links sidebar.