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Why I Closed My Mental Health Private Practice

Sean Boyd
Sep 14, 2018

Hi, my name is Sean Boyd, MA, LPC. The letters after my name indicate that I have the education and the licensure to serve as a mental health professional in the state of Colorado.

I decided to close my practice because I was called toward advocacy work. Since my time working as a counselor at a residential treatment center straight out of college, throughout grad school and private practice, I learned just how much the healthcare system was in need of its own therapist — and not just one therapist, an extensive therapist community coming together alongside incredibly talented business, marketing, and tech professionals to redesign the system from the inside out. So that is what I did and am continuing to do until it happens.

Shit just got real, huh?

It is a commonly held belief that when a community rallies around an idea, that idea can move mountains — for the good or bad. I believe that if we are to create a world where seeking out mental health support is as common as getting an oil change in your car or a dental cleaning for your teeth, we need a business model that can support it and a professional community to show us the way.

“Let’s create a world where mental health support is as common as a dental cleaning.”

Everything from how people interact with the brand, how the providers are supported, to the client’s experience coming in or logging in to see a licensed mental health therapist and how those services are covered and paid for. We need to support more people that are crying out for it and I believe we can make it happen.

It begins with the professional community coming together — to share ideas, referrals, and resources — and continues forward by remaining open to trying out new concepts to see which will best serve the needs of the providers and the clients they serve.

My dream is that SonderMind one day becomes that brand and it begins with professionals joining our free online community.

This is that moment where you may be inclined to click away from this page–I get it. Another dude trying to sell something. I’m not. The platform is and forever will be free. The marketplace that will be developed over time is where choice meets opportunity for us and the result could impact lives. You see, I closed my practice because I believe that by doing so that I will be better positioned to help even more kiddos, families, individuals, and couples. My new job is to help the healers.

I hope you consider joining us.

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