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Making Halloween Memories with Your Children

Oct 31, 2019

Halloween is a big event when you are a kid because it’s about nothing but using your imagination and having fun. It’s the chance to live out a fantasy such as being an astronaut, a fairy princess or your favorite monster. The world gives them just one day a year to be spooky and scary, so what can parents do to make that day even more memorable?

Create a Tradition

It’s the family traditions that your children will take with them into adulthood, so create a new one for Halloween. For example, you could do a version of an egg hunt. Get up early and hide spooky treasures around the house for them to find, like bones from a skeleton or gooey fake eyeballs!

Maybe your tradition is to make a spooktacular dinner together using a new creepy recipe every year. Search the internet for festive Halloween meals or ask your neighbors if they have any ideas you could steal.

It's a Family Affair

Have the family dress up in themed costumes and take a portrait each year. You can spend all month working together to set the scene for the photo and then get everyone in costume on Halloween to take a memorable picture!

You and the kids can sit down and decorate a spooky frame to put the picture in or keep a Halloween scrapbook and add to it every year to show future generations.

Decorate the Halloween Tree

Take an artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with creepy-crawly Halloween goodies like orange ribbons, spider webbing, and fun knick knacks. Collect a new decoration each year or make your own throughout October. Don’t forget the lights!

Haunt the House

Spooky decorations are part of the fun. Let the kids craft a new way to haunt your house every year. Maybe work with them to select a theme and build on it.

You can also match your theme to their costumes for an added bit of excitement. If they are going as Peanuts characters, set the yard up as a pumpkin patch!

The goal is to teach your kids the value of family fun and, by creating memories, you are giving them stories to tell their families about how Halloween was always special for them and why. They will take what they learn from you and use it to create Halloween memories for their children, and even better, value family time like never before!

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