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Haunted by Halloween Plans? Stay at Home with These Fun Activities

Theo Gagen
Oct 24, 2019

There's a lot of expectations to go out to a raging costume party on Halloween -- after all, when else are you going to wear your giant T-Rex inflatable suit? Even normal weekend parties can be overwhelming; add the costumes, extra crowds, loud music and spooky cocktails with candy eyeballs (that follow you across the room) and Halloween can become incredibly stressful. It's okay to want to do a low-key, low-stress Halloween-at-home instead. Here are a few fun activities that keep you in the Halloween spirit while also treating yourself to a mental health break.

Halloween Movie Marathon

What's better than curling up under a blanket with a handful (okay, a bucketful) of candy? A Halloween movie! You don't need to go to the theater to see the latest thriller -- you don't even have to change out of your pajamas. There are plenty of available options both on cable TV and through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

While scary movies can be a great thrill for some people, others find them stressful. People's individual responses to the adrenaline-inducing jump scares and tension-building music vary because each person is wired differently. If scary movies aren't your thing or you have little ones at home, there are tons of family-friendly Halloween-themed movies (Halloweentown marathon, anyone?).

Make a Halloween Playlist

There's only a few days out of the year that classic Halloween songs hit their full potential. Get into the Halloween spirit by making yourself a witchy playlist -- after all, Monster Mash was made to be played on October 31st! Do you want your playlist to take a journey through the decades, or do you organize it by mood? Let your creativity fly!

Spooky Self-care

While your creepy Halloween playlist croons on, it's time for you to relax! Painting your nails is the perfect activity. You can choose Halloween colors (orange, black and deep purples), or you may want to get a jump start on your fall fashion and choose a more autumnal color (deep reds, warm browns, emerald green, etc.).

If you’re not a huge fan of nail polish, try a spooky bath bomb! Take a "blood bath" with a red bath bomb, or try a shadowy black bath bomb for a spookier mood. The warm water can help keep the cold October night at bay and relax tense muscles, and the spell-binding colors make for a fun adventure! Make sure to check reviews online to make sure it doesn't stain your skin!

Not into spa activities? Self-care can involve more than personal hygiene! Play a gory video game, get cozy and read your favorite murder mystery book, or cook a new recipe (a scary stew, perhaps?).

There are many more fun Halloween night in activities you can do with a group or by yourself. While the status quo may be to go out on the town, remember that you get to choose how to spend your holidays. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate. Just don't forget to put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door so trick-or-treaters don't interrupt your serenity!

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