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Your mental health is our priority. Our offices are closed through Sunday, Jan. 2, but support is still available. Call (844) THERAPY or email [email protected].

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SonderMind Video Telehealth™ sessions are a safe, convenient, and secure way to see your therapist when time, weather, travel or any of life's curve balls make it difficult to have an in-person session. Be sure to talk with your therapist about how you may be able to benefit from video sessions.

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Why Do We Ask You to Create a Profile

Your profile helps us find a therapist who accepts your insurance and enables us to contact you with your match. Your profile information is confidential, secured, and will never be shared or sold to any other organization.

Why Do We Ask for Your Insurance & Credit/Debit Card Information?

Your profile helps us find a therapist who accepts your insurance and has the right experience. We need your payment information because visiting a therapist is like visiting any other healthcare provider. Your insurance may help you get services at a reduced cost or even no cost, but you may be responsible for a co-pay.

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Most of the world is staying safe at home, but we can still find meaningful ways to inspire change. We’re asking you to break the silence by sharing your thoughts about mental health.

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Every week this month, we’ll pose one question about mental health. Share your thoughts by recording a response in 17 seconds (or less) and submit it to us via email. We’ll compile the best responses and share them with our community.


“What would you tell someone who’s never been to therapy about therapy?”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record my soundbite?

Most smartphones have a voice memo feature built-in. Sometimes it’s hidden from the home screen, so you might have to do some digging in your settings to access the application. If you aren’t able to find it, simply head to the app store and download one. Once you have the application installed and opened, hit “record” and start answering our question. Don’t worry about introducing yourself, feel free to jump right into your answer and then hit “done” when you’re finished.

How do I submit my soundbite?  

You should see a “share” feature in your voice memo app. Go ahead and click that, and then share your recording with us via email [email protected]

What if it’s over 17 seconds?

Don’t worry! While we definitely want you to aim for 17 seconds or less, it’s absolutely fine if you go over. We want to hear everything you have to say.

Where will my soundbite be shared?

The soundbite submissions we receive will be shared on this landing page as well as our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If for some reason you don’t want yours to be shared with the public, let us know in your submission email.

How do I record a high-quality soundbite?

Find a quiet room. Make sure there are no fans, computers, or open windows that could interfere with your audio. Set the phone down on a solid surface and don’t hold it in your hand while recording (stay at least 8 inches away from your microphone). Make sure you’re recording in MP3 or M4A format. Listen to your audio file before you send it to us to check for background noise or static. Due to the quantity of submissions we’re receiving, we are unable to use them all. We appreciate all submissions and do our best to include as many as possible.